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๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ”ซAll You Need To Know About Sanhok- {Best Loot Spots, New Guns, Survival Tricks And More!}

Sanhok Map
Written by Ritika Pathak


The most awaited PUBG Update is here!

But, wait!

How much do we know?

How much have we learnt?

So, far the PUBG Sanhok map is every bit as exciting as we hoped and as we dig into it, it gets much better.

From the graphics to the buildings and whole NEW GUN, the Sanhok map will definitely thrill you.

But before we get killed, letโ€™s learn a little something about how to survive.


Even before we dig into Sanhok best loot spots, Sanhok map tricks and more survival guides, let us first overview everything awesome that happened in the all new PUBG Sanhok Map!


PUBG has introduced two new guns into the Sanhok map and we canโ€™t be more thrilled.

The QBZ is a beast! With 6x scope and other attachments, it can kill your enemy in one go! The damage it provides is high and with lower recoil time, we canโ€™t get over this gun!

You will have to take some risk in finding this gun but we have detailed it in the best places in Sanhok map below.

Another great gun is THE FLARE GUN. Now, this is really, really rare and therefore, hard to find and super useful.

It is almost like finding Genieโ€™s lamp.

No, actually it is exactly like finding the Genieโ€™s lamp.

Donโ€™t know about the flare gun yet?

Here, we have everything you need to know about the flare gun right here!


Compared to other PUBG maps, the Sanhok Map is a 4x4 map, which means it is much smaller than the other two.

But, here is where the thrill comes from.

The best locations in Sanhok are highly contested ones, the circle shrinks quicker and the blue circle is nastier than before.


You have to be quick, stealth and bold in order to survive in the Sanhok Map.

While the best loot spots Sanhok map provides will also come with great deal of risk, if you know your move and make at the right time, right place, Sanhok Map can give you every thrill you want!


The map is surely better in terms of graphic and effects. The building and structures are modelled well and the Sanhok map looks quite realistic compared to what we saw in Miramar and Erangel.

The tropic feels with a setting of South Asia definitely give the PUBG Sanhok map a feel of its own.

We can fairly say that the Sanhok Map was every second worth the wait.

Coming back to the most important part of the game, the best loot spots Sanhok provides!

Although there is no location which will give you all the good stuff without any risk; with some badass Sanhok tips and tricks you will soon be playing in this map like a pro!


Sanhok Map PUBG

Sanhok Map PUBG

On the east of the Sanhok map and a little north of Quarry is this little open area called Bhan.

Make sure to be one of the firsts when dropping here because the competition will be high!

The quality of loot is great here. You can easily find a QBZ, Mini14, M146, etc here.

Health kits and other meds can also be found here.

You may find good scopes and other attachments easily here but make sure you are here before most of the players.

Sanhok Map PUBG Mobile

Sanhok Map PUBG Mobile

The open air gives this place a classic kill area and also a risky place to contest.

If you are here with a squad, spread out to clear out the place and load up the loot.


Almost identical, the camps are a bunch of one or two-floor buildings with a lot of great loot, quality and quantity wise.

Sanhok Map PUBG Mobile

Sanhok Map PUBG Mobile

You can get 8x scopes, attachments and amazing guns such Kar98, QBZ, Mini14 on first land here.

Sanhok Map PUBG Mobile

Sanhok Map PUBG Mobile

The roofs and condensed structure of these areas give a great sniping advantage.

But, beware, of those who hide and kill.

The flat roofs make a good platform to lay down and snipe.

Sanhok Map PUBG Mobile

Sanhok Map PUBG Mobile

You can easily locate your enemies and collect some great loot.

Try landing on one of these roofs. They give you an advantage of looting and finding good guns faster than other.


Another contested location is a little south of the map. The cave is filled of the best loot of PUBG. From QBZ to Kar98, you can even find flare gun here. The cave is a complicated condensed structure in the form of a huge pit inside the ground.

Sanhok Map PUBG MObile

Sanhok Map PUBG MObile

It is really risky to get down here. But if you are with a squad and can land faster than most people here, the risk of landing into cave will be worth it!

Sanhok Map PUBG MObile

Sanhok Map PUBG MObile

Try landing on one of those curved bridges near the center of the cave> You will have the best guns here and as it is above most of the levels of the cave, you can easily


Being a much safer location than any place on the Sanhok map, the docks can provide you a decent loot. Enough so you can go survive in the white circle area.



The Docks are not really contested but still have some good loot for a head start.

You can find guns like M416, SCAR, etc here with some attachments, meds and level-1 gear.

Do make sure to explore above the containers and inside warehouses, you will find some good guns and armor here.


The highly contested location is the new โ€œSchoolโ€ of Sanhok map. With a confusing structure and flat roof, the place provides for one of the best loots on the Sanhok Map.

Ruins Sanhok

Ruins Sanhok

The tip for surviving here, apart from being one of the firsts to land, is start from the lower floor first

The advantage you will have is of finding guns and armor faster than those who jump right off on the roof. The structure will help you to stealthy kill you opponents and clear up the area faster.

Ruins Sanhok

Ruins Sanhok

NOTE THAT, do not land in the open spaces near the building, there is a high chance that you wonโ€™t survive so long.


Sometimes you can take a risk and have a chance of winning the huge payout.

The case is same with the Paradise Resort.

You can find rare weapons, great guns and attachments, level- 2 and level-3 gear and almost everything best in PUBG Mobile.

Paradise Resort

Paradise Resort

Although the place is really contested and a lot of people will be out there before you, the loot you will have will be definitely worth it.

Beware of stealthy players here, a lot of them will be hiding and can kill of out of nowhere.

But, do not worry.

Here is some stuff you can or, what we recommend, YOU SHOULD DO in order to survive this place.

Land directly on the building or anywhere so close that you can get weapons faster.

The walls and other levels above the ground in the Paradise Resort provide a great deal of camouflage, use it for your benefit.

Be above the ground and hide in the grass. This way you will have a better view of your enemy and your visibility will be a lot lesser.

Paradise Resort

Paradise Resort

Find scopes faster, this will help you locate and kill you enemy with one shot.

Although you will have to fight really hard for your survival here but faster shots and good look will keep you alive.


The new โ€œMilitary baseโ€ of the Sanhok map, the boot camp is a gold mine at the center of the map.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp

Gold mine because there is a great deal of loot here with the best guns, scope, level-3 armor and so much more.

The condensed buildings make this place a bit risky but use this for your advantage. You can stay on the roof, locate enemy and make your move.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp

If you are good at sniping and can shoot with better accuracy and can make your moves faster, you are good to go here!

Pai Nan

As much as you are likely to find the best guns here, you are likely to be killed early.

The quality of loot and the quantity of loot is the best here. You can easily find QBZ and Kar98K here, scopes, meds and the best armor.


Pai Nan

The only thing you will have to look out for is other people because they will be many.

A least of 10 players land here.

What you need to do is โ€˜ACT FASTโ€™.

So, land before other people, find guns before other people and donโ€™t wait to point and shoot, JUST FUCKING SHOOT.

Because, before you know you will be dead here.

You will need to be both BOLD AND CLEVER to survive here.

This is one of the favorite places for squads to land, so if you are landing here, donโ€™t try to spread out all over the place but clear up the area, one building at a time.

The houses are densely located here, so hit your enemy before he knows it.

If you survive here, you are definite to survive till the last of the game!


So, what are you waiting for now?

Go on and play like pro because now you are!

Keep your best foot forward and kill em all!

The best loot spots in Sanhok are where you need to be!

But, donโ€™t be shy to explore the map, apart from these Best places in Sanhok, there are a lot more yet to be explore by you, who know what you find and where?

So, dig into your play and wander into every location on the Sanhok map but donโ€™t forget to try out these amazing locations first!

The Sanhok Map is the next big thing!

Keep reading, keep playing and donโ€™t get sober.


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