๐Ÿค‘Can You Download PUBG PC For FREE? Really!๐Ÿ˜ฑ Find out..

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Written by Ritika Pathak

Not all of us can afford steam, let alone buying the actual game dvd. The buzz is high and Steam rates PUBG at around $30 dollars. Buying it online will cost you a lot more than that. So how do you enjoy PUBG free of cost?

Light bulb!

The first and the foremost option that pops on to your mind is getting straight to Google and typing…




And drum rolls, there are a TON OF WEBSITES TO DOWNLOAD FROM.

The smile on your face is bigger than usual. You click the first one, find the big, GLITTERY download button and hope for the download to start right away!

Donโ€™t you?

But…What happens next? They redirect you to an add, maybe a quick survey and you can have your download start then. Some or the other thing, pops up before you can have your pubg free download started.

You donโ€™t give up the chase. But will you ever be able to catch it? Does this relatable? Are you, too, stuck with the same question?

If yes, then, youโ€™re not alone here.

There are more than million other people chasing their downloads over random survey and redirects just like you.

So, will we offer you the PUBG free download file?

No, and youโ€™ll soon know why we canโ€™t do that but one we can say with 200% surety is that by the end of this article you will know exactly what to do for playing PUBG FREE of any sort of cost or survey.


Since, the trend-setter battle royale game, PUBG got into business, the internet has been flooded with websites offering PUBG free download, PUBG free on Steam and some even claimed to have the PUBG hack.

Games like PUBG PC has a huge following and many of these followers try and seek a way to spend none and play all. Though there are some right ways to Play PUBG for free, downloading the game from a third party website is not one of them. The developers have shut down over 10-15 such โ€œfakeโ€ websites that claimed to distribute PUBG PC.

Legal actions are being taken against the creators of these fraud websites and some which managed to survive this legal storm from PUBG PC developers are nowhere to be trusted.

The developers have clarified releasing no hack or cheat or any other form of PUBG other than PC and Mobile.

GAME REPLICAS!The developers have also filed a copyright law suit for infringement of copyright and trade dress against NetEase, a gaming company that developed and sold games similar to PUBG.

NetEase has released two games, Rules of Survival and Knives out that contain major elements like Vehicles, Buildings, guns, Landscape, modes etc replicated from PUBG.

It also featured the benchmark โ€œWinner Winner Chicken Dinnerโ€ tagline.


Now, some of these sites will attract you with cool web design and appealing content. They may also add one or two screen shots of how PUBG crack or the PUBG download works. The big shinny download buttons will lure you in and BAM!

You’re ow stuck into a never-ending circle of ads and redirects.

PRO TIPDare you click the Back button on your browser, your system will be stuck in vulnerable condition with thousands of malware and virus ready to enter your computer.FAKE COMMENTS ALERT!Now, when you scroll down to the bottom of the article on these websites, you will find a good deal positive comments making you believe that, โ€œOh, well, this website seems legit!โ€

But, how says that these comments are legit? I can call on a bunch of my friends and make them comment whatever the hell I want, will this be LEGIT?

Donโ€™t believe us? Try it yourself.

And behold! There comes another category of fraudulent.


Here, you will find everything you ever wanted. Good content, images, websites, no survey or offer completion


Even the comments look real. You slowly drag you mouse to the download button and CLICK!

WOAH! The download has started.

Now, you are a 100% sure with a taste of success that finally you have found the right website, the set is being downloaded.

But what next?

10 minutes into the installation process, you sitting with a bunch of Chinese apps automatically installed and a bunch of other games with ads popping up all over your system. Not one, but now you have many malware and virus eating up your computer.

How does it feel?

While you thought of were installing your favourite game, you were actually permitting all those apps to get into your pc.

Wait, thereโ€™s more…

CLEVER YOUTUBERS!While you wonโ€™t trust nasty websites and fraud developers, you may still have faith in YouTubers, they have the hack to anything!

But, thing once again. Because the people we discussed about above have their reach to YouTube as well.

For testing how great and wise these YouTubers are we went deep down into our research and picked up the most popular methods to play PUBG free of cost.

One of the ways by which you got get PUBG for free on steam was through survey. Not just one but a whole bunch of surveys. These surveys will help you earn points which will help you buy the game on PUBG.

So, we tried to give it a shot.

After completing 8 big surveys, and installing apps, we waited for the website to respond and gave us what we earned.

What we got was another redirect and even after completing surveys, our points were still not credited.

The website earned the money per click and we were still at square one.

Although, we managed to earn a gift card on one of the websites, the card appeared invalid on the Steam Account.

One way or another, we conclude that none of these survey or gift card points work. All we end up with is nothing but frustration.


While these websites and companies struggle with these law suits, letโ€™s get straight to what you can do right now!

And the survey sites fraud the world, letโ€™s get down to the solution youโ€™ve looking for this whole time.


There is no way you can play PUBG PC free of cost but with some brilliant minds on the internet, we figured a way you can play PUBG ON PC.

So, here are some kick ass emulators which will surely improve your experience with PUBG on PC with 100% working guarantee.

pubg on pc

While PUBG PC is a paid game, PUBG Mobile is available free of cost. So, if you are not the mobile gamer and want to play PUBG on a bigger, better screen, Emulators are the way to go!

Emulators simulate a different OS on your current system without disturbing the two.

There are a bunch of great Android Emulators on the internet that absolutely free to download. Some of them are listed below:

1. Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming Buddy is the one and only official PUBG emulator for PC which is in fact the best one someone like me can rely on. The Tencent gaming Buddy really comes for free of cost pricing, easy to download and install. Using this, anyone can easily get the same fun experience which someone else can get by playing PUBG PC.

Some of the best features of the Tencent Gaming Buddy –

  • You can experience the same gaming environment when you play PUBG on mobile.
  • Key-mapping future enabled in the emulator. Using this, you can use the keyboard and the mouse to configure controls.
  • Experience complete HD quality videos.

Tencent Gaming Buddy is very much ideal too if you are planning to stream videos of your gameplay on the Youtube platform. It is completely compatible with pcs having Windows version more than Windows 7. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry m,ore about how to play PUBG ON PC for free. That’s right, right?





This is one of the easiest and smoothest way to play PUBG FREE OF COST.

We have tried and tested all modes and graphic setting on NoxPlayer with PUBG, and even at the highest graphic setting, it works as smooth as knife on a butter. We were really impressed by the different control option that NoxPlayer allows, which also includes Joystick Option!


Free of cost, BlueStacks has been one of the oldest and best Emulators for Android. The interface is smooth and with no glitches or lags. Playing PUBG on Bluestacks felt just like playing it on Steam. It didnโ€™t feel like emulator at all! The keyboard control options are more detailed which made playing PUBG even easier.


New to market, this emulator has been in our best Emulators for Android List for all god reasons. The graphics are vivid and sharp and the interface faces no glitch or lag. The gameplay felt really smooth and placid.

All the above emulators are best of their kind and you can choose any one of them for playing PUBG. Choose the one that gets you the best. Want to know more about PUBG?

Check our ALL IN ONE PUBG Guide right here!

Hope you enjoyed reading the EXPOSE OF PUBG FREE DOWNLOAD. We hope you will be aware of what to do and where to go the next time you want to download and play PUBG FREE. Not, only for this game but many others. BEWARE OF THE CHARMING DOWNLOAD BUTTONS and beware of SCAMERS.

For more stuff related to PUBG you can also read on PUBG LOVERS , crush it down and smoke it up…

So, you stay HIGH ON PUBG! ย  ย  ย 

๐Ÿค‘Can You Download PUBG PC For FREE? Really!๐Ÿ˜ฑ Find out..
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