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Now the thing about PUBG is, the killing does not only depend on what you use but on your skills as well.

Most Players have conferred to the idea that it is the SKILLS that really matter rather than what machine you use, but to be honest, THE MACHINES DO PLAY A BIG ROLE.

The right gun at the right time can easily call for a β€œCHICKEN DINNER”.

I remember being surrounded by a whole of squad in the middle of the Ruins and still managing to kill em all.

So, I can clearly say that not only the skills but the WEAPONS are important too.

The never-ending debate on Best Weapons in PUBG will never end, we have brought to an analytical report on which ones are better than others, which ones are better than most.

So, let’s clear our ground first. Let’s break the big myth of THE PERFECT LOCATION to find the PERFECT GUN. Although there are drop locations and certain places on the map that has better quality loot, guns and other things but finding the exact gun in the exact position is IMPOSSIBLE.

The locations of different loot are generated randomly in PUBG. So, with every match you play, the location of that particular gun will be different.

But this doesn’t mean the area differs. Areas like Georgopol, Mylta Power, Ruins, Prison, Military base have comparatively high quality loot and great guns as compared to other places on the map.

Missing out on this?

Read the entire BEST LOCATION GUIDE here!

But, coming back to the weapons, the game is about finding the right ones at the right time.

Be in a quick match or a classic Erangel, you have to judge the weapons you carry. The game is all about guns and skills.

Once you have the right guns in your hand, you can take down the squad but this won’t happen with you standing straight up to them, so you need to have the moves.





NOTE: Now, we didn’t create the best to the worst list as that depends from player to player and is not objective, we listed out the best guns in PUBG with their PROS and CONS, so you know what you are dealing with before you start using these guns like a PRO.

  • KAR98K

KAR98k pubg

KAR98k pubg

Maybe a little overrated, this gun has become not only one of the strongest weapon but the most popular weapon of choice among PUBG addicts.

The gun can provide high damage in one shot even against Level-2 Helmets.

These are the perfect weapon for one shot kills.

Don’t worry about the far off enemy, the KAR98K has a long range. So, hide and kill. Your enemy will never know what hit him. Before he realizes that he has been shot he would already be dead.

But all good comes with a pinch of bad.

The KAR98K has a long reload time. So, make sure you have enough in the slot before getting into a war.

Fully modified with all the attachments, the KAR98K is a MONSTER KILLER but you’ll soon realize that it is quite hard to shoot when your enemy is on the move. It becomes a little difficult to actually point accurately at the enemy and shoot him down when he is not at one place but is instead moving around.

But, overall, the gun is a go for most people in PUBG and it is all so for a reason.

  • Mini14

mini 14 pubg

mini14 pubg

This light weight riffle gives a strong competition on this list. When fully modified, the gun can do wonders!

With the highest muzzle velocity out of all the guns in PUBG, the Mini14 ca give you some pretty awesome, quick shots from a long range.

But just like KAR98K, the Mini14 too has a long reload time but a little precaution with that can go a long way.

  • AWM



You’ll have to fight a little for this gun as you can get it through air drops but let us ensure that it will all be worth it!

AWM has the highest hit damage of all the guns in PUBG and by this we mean that this beast can kill you enemy and his entire squad is just four bullets.

Great for sharp shooting, AWM is a gun that can take you to guaranteed chicken dinner in whichever mode you play.

The long-ranged gun is pretty great for hiding and shooting through long range and getting an area cleared out.

The gun too has a long reload time but the risk will all be worth the kills.

  • M249

Only available in air drops, the M249 is a little goof and a little bad.

Although it can provide a good deal of damage to your enemies, the low recoil time will make you struggle with it a little.

The gun has high fire rates which is good but you will sometimes feel losing control over it.

With a decent of 100 rounds of shots per magazine, the M249 is quite reliable when you are not stuck in a pool of enemies.

  • M16A4



The damage that a M16A4 can provide is same as a SCAR or a M4 but what makes it so great is the long range.

The M16A4 has the highest range of all guns in PUBG and not only this, the gun provided for the highest fire rate.

But, let us warn you, this gun is not a go if you are looking for one shot killer.

The M16A4 kind of rumbles when shot, given its high firing rate.

But it is your best choice of commonly found guns, so if you find it, keep it.

  • AKM

The AKM can provide a great deal of damage to whoever is in front and don’t worry about a little longer recoil time, the gun can get you some pretty intense head shots.

Add an 8x scope and your single shot will spill the brains out of your enemy.

Although the AKM struggles with aiming with precision, a little stillness and closer shots can make this gun the best of all.

  • M416



One of the greatest assault rifles in the game, the M416 is a little under-rated gun.

When modified with all the attachments, the gun is a killer! It is the most effective one with high damage and a good range.

The M416 is not so hard to find and is a great game started.

  • SCAR-L



Rated as the most effective rifles in the game, the SCAR-L equipped with all the attachments can be a powerful tool.

The recoil time is less and the efficiency is more. The gun is more stable and comfortable than any other gun in the game.

The SCAR-L is a reliable weapon in short ranges but I won’t tell you to drop it as soon as you find the one better because even though the gun can’t handle long ranges, it still works wonders in short!


Let us know in the comments below and if there are some guns we left out, remind us of that too.

The best and the worst depends on what kind of player you are and not everyone will agree to the same. Try out each gun and eventually you’ll find your pick.

For all we know is these guns are the best ones you can find on PUBG. While each one has its own pros and cons, the game on your hand is to find the gun that matches your style.

Keep playing and keep reading!


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